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On Friday, the Biden transition team announced they are releasing all the available vaccine doses.

Official 60 minutes Of Lies Shirt

When the 30 or so minutes of our time together was up, I felt unclenched and unrestricted in my shoulders and upper back, the fulcrum of my daily stress. Sharing with the group, Shana said she felt “lighter,” and that the music not only put her at ease but inspired memories of her grandmother and time spent learning from her as she worked on the family farm. Neither of us had any huge post-ceremony revelation about our relationships or personal faults, but the feeling of restlessness I identified in myself seemed to have quieted. I emerged with a feeling of accomplishment that I’d made a commitment to self-exploration; I had taken the time to consider what more there might be within myself, and that alone felt like a spiritual act. But even better, this was just the beginning—and now I had found a welcoming community to nourish me along the way.

Official 60 minutes Of Lies Shirt hoodie den

Both FDA-approved vaccines require a second dose 21 days (Pfizer-Biontech) or 28 days (Moderna) after the first in order to achieve the greater than 94% efficacy in COVID-19 protection. A third vaccine (AstraZeneca-Oxford) approved in the UK and India, also requires two doses, initially 28 days apart, with greater than 90% efficacy.

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