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The Boss just got out of prison a year ago, after serving his latest sentence for illegal gambling and medical insurance fraud. When the Democrat Party reached out to Skinny Joey on the night of the 2020 election, Skinny Joey says he was all too willing to help – for a fee.For an agreed-upon price of $10 per ballot, Skinny Joey set up workers in a pair of Mafia-owned houses in Philadelphia. Democrat Party officials provided the boxes of unmarked ballots, then Skinny Joey and his crew went to work, furiously filling out mail-in ballots that had to be delivered before Pennsylvania’s three-day extension expired.

Love Marvel Studios Avengers Signatures Shirt

According to Skinny Joey, his crew worked for 60 hours straight filling out Biden-only ballots and raked in $3 million from the Democrat Party for their efforts. The ballots were loaded into “nondescript cardboard boxes” and then Skinny Joey personally drove the van that delivered 300,000 Biden-only marked ballots and unloaded them outside the Philadelphia Convention Center, just hours before the end of the three-day extension for ballots. This is from a report inAccording to an informant inside the Philly-South Jersey mob, it looks like Skinny Joey is angling for a win-win situation for himself. Joe Biden stole the election, thanks to the Mafia once again. His crime family is once again in the good graces of a presidential administration, for the first time since Bill Clinton was in office.

Love Marvel Studios Avengers Signatures Shirt unisex, hoodie, sweatshirt

On the other hand – and this must have the Biden campaign sweating – Skinny Joey Merlino is offering to testify in front of Congress about his election-night crimes in exchange for immunity and expungement of his criminal record. Mob associates of Skinny Joey say he wants to semi-retire in order to go hunting and fishing on federal land – hobbies that his criminal past prevents him from doing.Skinny Joey Merlino has always been one of those charming, charismatic sociopath Mafia guys. While most mobsters are pretty tight-lipped, Skinny Joey has never met a news camera he didn’t like. When a reporter tries to get a quote from him, he’ll usually stop and talk to them.

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