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He will have the ATF, the FBI, the U.S. Marshall Service, the CIA, Homeland Security pound the hell out of your front door, confiscate all of your firearms and ammo after trashing your place to find them all. Then, he will prosecute you for having any firearm whatsoever that was not legally bought. You will be imprisoned for a minimum of five years per offense.

Love Marvel Studios Avengers Signatures Shirt

What the Democrats are good for in this sense is that they are responsible for increased gun and ammo prices, sales of both, and for the increased profitability of the respective companies who manufacture them.

Love Marvel Studios Avengers Signatures Shirt unisex, hoodie, sweatshirt

One never brings about prosperity by printing trillions of dollars. The only economic reality in our future is crippling inflation and the biggest Wealth transfer the world has ever seen. It’s already started with Amazon, google, & Twitter. These type of companies have made record-breaking profits during this plandemic and More than half of all small businesses have gone bankrupt.

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