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One thing you may notice is that Satan, Adam, and the snake in the Garden of Eden are all extremely well-dressed. “We really went all out with this fashion,” Lil Nas X says. “We wanted to make it a bit more feminine than what I’m used to. I really wanted to step out of my comfort zone with this.” For the clothes, Lil Nas X worked with stylist Hodo Musa—who helped define his rhinestone rodeo look for “Old Town Road.” For his “Adam” look, Lil Nas X wore an Asher Levine “second-skin suit” that was adorned with more than 45,000 crystals. As a snake in the garden, he wore a custom organza and crystal Weslah corset. While playing the devil, the artist also wore a black leather caged jacket by Marta Miljanic, as well as special sneakers—called “Satan Shoes”—that he designed with Mschf, a Brooklyn-based label that revels in tongue-in-cheek fashion (they’re the ones who made Birkenstock-like shoes out of Birkin bags). As of today, you can buy the latter for $1,018. And there’s plenty more than meets the eye here.

The muppet show animal playing avedis zildjian shirt

Cyrus’s trucker hat says “Go ahead punk, make my day,” which is a quote referencing the film series Dirty Harry, starring Clint Eastwood. In fact her whole look—not to mention the beat-up Land Rover she’s sitting on—seems to be channelling the rough-and-tumble flick, with some modern touches. So, consider the trucker hat comeback less of a serious fashion statement, and more of a cheeky—if not costumey—accessory to play into a fashion theme. Cyrus’s spring theme? It’s obviously “gritty action star with a penchant for 2000s style.”Mschf and Lil Nas X’s Satan Shoes are a devilish take on Nike’s Air Max 97s retailing for $1,018. (Nike does not endorse them and were not involved in the collaboration). Designing them was a new process for the rapper, who loves to wear sneakers, but doesn’t think of himself as a sneakerhead. “For me, it’s how comfortable it is, and second is the outside design—what’s unique about this and sets it apart,” he says.

The muppet show animal playing avedis zildjian hoodie black

The shoes certainly have unique features: A custom metal pentagram adorns the laces, the sides are inscribed with Luke 10:18 (The bible verse reads: And He said to them, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.”) But the feature that has everyone talking are the soles filled with ink and one drop of human blood. The latter was, “sacrificed by the Mschf team,” according to a press release. Only 666 pairs were produced, and each one is numbered. “They’re all [special] edition pieces,” says Daniel Greenberg, Mschf’s head of strategy and growth. “We want everything we do to have a narrative, and to tell a story.”It’s not the first time Mschf has been inspired by religion: Its “heavenly” Jesus Shoes, also based on a Nike sneaker, were the sixth-most-Googled footwear of 2019. (The Satan shoes are a companion to those). “It seems every time we do a shoe, it takes over the Internet,” says Greenberg, who was attracted to working with Lil Nas X for a follow-up style. “We saw ourselves a lot in Lil Nas X. There’s some irony and satire to what we do—we want to get a rise out of people.” Indeed, the shoes were instantly controversial. Many, including the governor of South Dakota, think the drop of blood and bible verse is a step too far. In response, Lil Nas X posted a fake apology video, which cuts to the lap dance scene from “Montero.”

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