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Like most of The Crown’s plotlines, the Pug dog touch me and I will bite you shirt and by the same token and episode is based in a sad reality. Nerissa and Katherine Bowes-Lyon were indeed sent away to Royal Earlswood Hospital in 1941. At the time, Nerissa was 22 years old and Katherine just 15. Although their exact diagnosis was unknown—at the time, they were just called imbecile—the sisters were said to be severely handicapped and nonverbal and have a mental age of six. They remained in hospital care until both of their deaths. (Nerissa in 1986 and Katherine in 2014.)However, as The Crown points out, they were actually presumed dead by the aristocratic world long before they actually were. Burke’s Peerage admitted they erroneously reported the sisters as deceased. How did such a mistake get made? It turns out that their mother, Fenella Bowes-Lyon, was extremely vague when filling out her responses, leaving several fields blank. “She often did not fill out forms completely that Burke’s Peerage sent her,” her granddaughter, Lady Elizabeth Anson, explained to The Guardian in 1987. The registrars at Burke’s assumed that meant they’d passed away. Harold Brooks-Baker, publishing director of Burke’s Peerage, told the Associated Press they were “thunderstruck” when it came to light they were, in fact, still living.

Pug dog touch me and I will bite you shirt

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Baker found out, with the Pug dog touch me and I will bite you shirt and by the same token and rest of the world, in April 1987. Sometime before her death, a man posing as a relative of Katherine’s visited her at the Surrey hospital. In reality, he was working for the British tabloids. He snapped the picture of a frail Katherine sitting in a chair, looking confused. Soon after, it was splashed across the Monday morning front page of The Sun: “Queen’s Cousin Locked in Madhouse.” Immediately, there were cries of a cruel cover-up:The royals locked their own away! The lack of humanity! Buckingham Palace declined to comment, saying it was a private matter for the Bowes-Lyon family. Meanwhile, the Bowes-Lyons publicly insisted it wasn’t some sort of imprisonment. The sisters were free to move around the hospital and its grounds as they wished, and they were visited at Earlswood by relatives. (Although it had been a while—”Both sisters had regular visits from their families up until the early 1960s when one of their closest relatives died,” a general manager for the East Surrey Health Authority told the Associated Press in 1987. “Since then, they have had few visitors. My understanding is that Katherine had no regular visitors.”)The Crown spins this into a story of the Windsors cruelly protecting the purity of divine power: “The hereditary principle already hangs by such a precarious thread,” Marion Bailey’s queen mother tells Helena Bonham Carter’s Princess Margaret. “Throw in mental illness, and it’s over.” There’s a lot of creative liberty taken with that line of thinking. In real life, the queen mother said she didn’t know about her nieces’ situation until 1982. A report at the time wrote that, after she found out, she sent them a check to pay for sweets. In addition, Nerissa and Katherine were committed nearly five years after the abdication of Edward VIII. Their admittance to Royal Earlswood was likely not a direct reaction to the then queen consort’s sudden change in status but a thought-out choice. There’s also no evidence that Princess Margaret ever secretly visited her cousins in Surrey, let alone confronted her mother on it.

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