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Anderson may not be riveted by the Never underestimate and old woman who loves moose shirt in other words I will buy this ongoing story of the Windsors, but her partner, Morgan, very much is. With his informal trilogy of Tony Blair–centric films (The Deal, The Special Relationship, and The Queen) as well as The Crown, he has become the de facto chronicler of all things related to modern royals and British politics. Anderson’s role marked the first time the pair worked together, but mixing business with pleasure was easier than anticipated. “It has been special,” she says. “[Once] he got the confirmation from the casting director that they were interested in me doing it, we realized that this was something we were going to go forward on. We had quite a few discussions about whether we were mad. Would this be the end of our relationship? At various times we were nervous about it, so we set some pretty strong boundaries.” Instead of hashing out any differences of opinion one-on-one, Morgan and Anderson kept things professional, working with their directors about each issue to ensure any disagreements stayed on set. “Having someone to discuss things with who was outside of the relationship worked for us,” she says. “Once we realized that we could have fun and enjoy the process and because we set those boundaries, we had a great time. So much so that we started to think about what else we could do together.”Already receiving rave reviews for her performance in the day since the series’s streaming release, Anderson adds one more daring portrayal of a powerful woman to her expansive filmography. Currently working to champion Black playwrights’ work on London’s West End and prepping for Sex Education’s third season, Anderson is keeping busy by supporting the next generation of talent. Still, after playing a prime minister, FBI agent, socially mobile socialite, and just about everything in between, her next challenge may simply be finding a way to turn expectations on their head. “I often get asked if there’s a reason I keep playing such strong—and I hate using that word—female characters,” she says. “There’s a part of me that thinks it would be good to do something completely different and play a character who genuinely struggles to get in touch with their sense of strength, self-esteem, and a sense of purpose, someone who isn’t living up to their potential. Those are things I’ve experienced within my own life and would be interesting to explore. Besides, I think it’s about time I played a criminal!”

Never underestimate and old woman who loves moose shirt

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“Oh, great. Another queer period piece about white women in bonnets furtively holding hands at the Never underestimate and old woman who loves moose shirt in other words I will buy this beach,” I may or may not have grumbled to myself when I first saw the trailer for Ammonite, the recently released Francis Lee film starring Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan as star-crossed, fossil-hunting lovers.To be clear, I was, and am, extremely here for this kind of thing; after decades’ worth of content that portrayed lesbians exclusively as cat-owning spinsters or objects of straight male lust, the luxury of getting to feel meh about quality onscreen representation isn’t lost on me (especially when queer and trans people of color still have to fight to see themselves accurately portrayed in film and TV).That said, after the runaway success of Portrait of a Lady on Fire last year, I started noticing just how much of the women-who-love-women canon is set in a time period other than the present. It’s possible that that’s beginning to change, with contemporary movies like the K-Stew-led Christmas rom-com Happiest Season on the horizon, but for now, we might as well appreciate what we’ve got (or at least hate-watch it). Below, find a list of every lesbian period drama I’ve ever seen, in order of how much I enjoyed them.

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