Hutechtee – All American girl 4th of july patriotic eagle flag shirt

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Since announcing her pregnancy in October, Emily Ratajkowski has been proving that maternity dressing can be modern and sexy. Ratajkowski gets points for originality—who else would debut their bump in one of Aya Muse’s slinky cutout dresses?—but she hasn’t strayed from the All American girl 4th of july patriotic eagle flag shirt Apart from…,I will love this sultry signatures she’s always loved. Case in point: her latest ensemble, a skintight tie-dye piece from Kim Shui, was precisely the kind of look you’d expect from a style-conscious runway star.Ratajkowski’s long-sleeved jersey dress would have looked right at any occasion, but worn at home and paired with comfy, chain detailed sneakers, it was a cool girl’s take on loungewear. The dress’s purl stitching added visual interest, but the combination of bold tie-dye pattern and body-hugging silhouette made the outfit memorable. Head-to-toe print is an artful way of accentuating a bump—think of Kim Kardashian West’s now-legendary 2013 Met Gala gown or the floral embroidered Michael Kors that Blake Lively wore for her first red carpet post-pregnancy announcement back in 2015. Ratajkowski skipped the flowers but kept the concept and managed to be impossibly chic from the comfort of her living room.

All American girl 4th of july patriotic eagle flag shirt

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Pop stardom is about reinvention. Since Madonna set the All American girl 4th of july patriotic eagle flag shirt Apart from…,I will love this standard for chameleonic change in the 1980s, artists have been adapting their style to match their music. For Sofia Carson, who kickstarted her latest era with the release of the ‘Guess I’m A Liar’ music video last week, wardrobe is an essential piece of the puzzle. The actress and pop? singer has made a name for herself in fashion circles thanks to her love of fairytale gowns and runway drama. For major events, she’s the first to reach for crimson tulle Giambattista Valli Haute Couture, as she did at the MTV Video Music Awards back in August, or the shimmering Elie Saab look she chose for the Golden Globe after-parties in January. While you can always count on Carson to deliver glamour, she wanted to showcase a different side in the Hannah Lux Davis-directed clip and illustrate the song’s themes through clothing. “It’s an anthem of heartbreak, survival, and triumph,” she shared on the phone from Los Angeles. “Once we began working with Hannah, it was our goal to capture that, and it was apparent to me that the video was going to be a marriage of pop and fashion.” With feisty lyrics like “I promised I would love you ’till the day I die, but I’m still alive,” the outfits needed to have an edge, but Carson wanted the shift from the expected to be gradual. “The fashions evolve with the story. In the beginning, you’re seeing me in a piece that is Giambattista Haute Couture which has the ethereal feminine and delicate aesthetic which is a little like something you’d be used to seeing me in,” she explains. “In that moment of the video, the performance is vulnerable…. But for the other setups the [music] becomes stronger and bolder, and we needed pieces that reflected that which is why the Balenciagas, Rick Owens, and Paco Rabbanes of the world were perfect for us.”

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