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Live music at a Valentino show is becoming something of a tradition under creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli, with FKA twigs serenading his fall 2020 menswear show last year. “When Pierpaolo has a musician play, it feels like a collaboration,” Cosima notes. Through a series of conversations and email exchanges, they settled on a lineup of Cosima’s own songs for an after-show performance broadcast on Valentino’s social channels, while also selecting an unlikely cover to accompany the runway spectacle: Sinead O’Connor’s “Nothing Compares 2 U.” For this, Cosima provided a moving, plaintive rendition of the classic heartbreak anthem in keeping with Piccioli’s collection, which forwent his usual kaleidoscopic flamboyance for something more restrained. “It was a song I used to sing a lot as a teenager, and even though I had it on my list it was one that made me feel a bit nervous to perform,” Cosima adds. “But when they suggested it as an option, I felt like it was the universe telling me to do it.”

Teach love inspire for teacher new 2021 shirt

For the occasion, Cosima settled on an appropriate look from the subtler end of the Valentino spectrum, wearing a sharp tailored tuxedo jacket and trousers to echo the collection’s sense of concision and reserve. It’s a keen eye for the conversation between sound and style that speaks to Cosima’s background as a fashion stylist in her late teens, and is evidenced on the cover for The Fun Is Here?, which she notes was inspired by “travel advertising and those strange, utopian billboards from the ’50s and ’60s,” featuring multiple Cosimas cavort on a beach in retro swimsuits. “In terms of how I like to dress myself, I like extremes—either hyper, hyper-feminine, or to lean into something a bit tougher and more masculine. So for the performance at the show, we thought it would be nice to go for something quite simple, as it really is about the music and about the collection. And Valentino trousers are just the perfect trousers: I love how they fall, I just feel really confident and comfortable in them. So I’m going to be wearing my favorite Valentino pants,” she adds, smiling.

Teach love inspire for teacher new 2021 s Unisex Hoodie

A perfect look for a perfect moment of creative synergy, then—and also, for Cosima, something of a full-circle moment. “When I was a kid, I used to go through these books my mum would get of the fashion collections each season, and I would read it enough to be able to recognize what each different designer was doing each time, and play a little game with myself where I had to be able to identify with them. Valentino was always one of the brands that stood out.” But it was the simple act of being able to perform once again—over live stream, yes, but to an audience around the world—that was the ultimate highlight for Cosima. “I love collaborating with people, and Valentino has always been very open to the idea of bringing my art to them without compromise,” says Cosima. “It’s been a very special experience.”

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